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The small print:

Prices on this page are subject to change. Unless previously arranged, all items need to be paid in full before delivery. Please allow seven days for delivery. Depending on location, a delivery sur-charge may be added to the cost. Many items can be shipped out of state, contact Ted for information on shipping charges. For additional information or to place an order drop me an email at or you can call or text me at 602-397-4152.

Cakes and Tortes

All cakes yield a minimum of 16 servings.

White Chocolate Mousse Cake

Creamy white chocolate mousse sandwiched between white cake and surounded by lady fingers. Topped with white chocolate shavings.


Tiramisu Cake

Yellow sponge cake soaked with expresso, layered with mascarpone cheese mousse and surounded by lady fingers. Topped with chocolate dipped Ammaretto cookies and dusted lightly with cocoa powder.


Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake

White, milk, and dark chocolate mousses on top a chocolate cake, wrapped with "Tiger Sponge", topped with chocolate shavings.


Sacher Torte

Layers of rich chocolate-raspberry cake filled with raspberry and buttercream. Covered with chocolate ganache. Fresh raspberry when in season.


Mimossa Cake Supreme

A light orange chiffon cake filled with fresh strawberry chantilly covered with champagne flavored buttercream.


German Chocolate Cake

Traditional German chocolate with plenty of coconut and peacans.


Charlette Royale

Tasty Bavarian pastry cream covered with raspberry or apricot cake roulade.


Linzer Torte

Almond shortbread torte filled with raspberry preserves.


Applesauce Spice Cake

One of my most popular cakes, it is very moist and tasty. I make my own applesauce for it.


Cheese Cakes

All cheese cakes yield a minimum of 16 servings.
Pops' cheese cakes are European style,. They are 3 plus pounds made in 10 inch cake pans with no crust. The sides and bottons are dusted with a fine dusting of almond flour.
Thick, creamy, and absolutely wonerful.

Regular, may be topped with sour cream at no extra charge.


cherry topping.


Fresh fruit topping.


Chocolate Marble.


Caramel Pecan.


Coconut with pineapple topping..



24 Chocolate Eclairs, regular - $35.00

24 Chocolate Eclairs, large - $45.00

24 Cream Puffs - $30.00

24 Cream Puff Swans - $35.00

48 Mini Cream Puffs - $30.00

24 Puff Pastry Turn-overs - $35.00

24 Puff Pastry Cream Horns - $35.00

3 Puff Pastry Strudels - $35.00

Yields 24 servings

24 Puff Pastry Apple Tarts - $30.00

24 Puff Pastry Parisian Waffles - $30.00

24 Individual Pies Tarts - $42.00

Pumpkin, Pecan, Dutch Apple, Cherry, Cream Pies, and more

12 Fresh Fruit Tarts- $26.00

24 Brandy Snap Horns - $35.00

24 Decorated Cake Squares - $25.00

24 Cake Roulades - $30.00


48 Chocolate Chip - $30.00

48 Chocolate Chip Delux - $35.00

48 Oatmeal - $30.00

48 Oatmeal Raisin - $30.00

48 Coconut Macaroons - $30.00

48 Italian Almond Macaroons - $35.00

48 Merinque Almond Macaroons - $35.00

48 Almond Florentine Squares - $35.00

48 Pecan Diamonds - $35.00

48 Linzer Cookies - $30.00