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Hi, I'm Ted and I thank you for visiting my bakery.
You are probably wondering what all this Scottish plaid has to do with a bakery. Well, I will tell you. This is the "Clan Anderson" plaid of Scotland. No, I wasn't born Scottish nor even an Anderson but it is why I became a baker. You see, my mother remarried when I was eight years old and my new "daddy" took me on a tour of his job. Afterwards I proclaimed "I am going to be just like my Daddy when I grow up." You guessed it, he was a baker. Two years later, at age ten, he opened his own bakery and took me into work with him as often as mom allowed and I've been baking ever since. That was in 1959.

I have baked in several retail and wholesale bakeries and have been the Pastry Chef in several four and five Star/Diamond hotels including 18 months as Executive Pastry Chef for the American Hawaiian Cruise Line. While working in munitions in the Air Force over in Viet Nam, I worked part time baking in the Officer's Club.

Baking has never been just a job and has been more than a hobby for me. It has been my passion. I bake for two main reasons, I love it and I love seeing the smiles of the people I bake for.

Mission Statement

To provide fresh high quality bakery goods for sensible prices.

Two important facts to know: 1). I do not bake ahead of time and freeze everything until needed. In fact, I don't use the freezer at all except for ice. 2). I will not charge a high price simply because everyone does and I can.

If you have any questions, would like to make an appoinment to discuss an up coming event, or place an order, please email me at Text or call 602-318-4735.